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Sale of lumber for export
The sawn wood is one of the most popular building materials in building and decorating houses, offices, hotels, restaurants. Beams, boards and finished products (platbands, skirting boards, etc.) give the rooms a cozy, finished look and create the atmosphere of a home.



Natural wood has always been valued and will be valued above any concrete and plastic analogues. Therefore, lumber is exported all over the world, customers are ready to pay for the delivery of sawn wood even from overseas. Due to the high demand for these products, there is a need for professional exporters and international logistics companies.

These are the services we provide. In particular, we help suppliers of lumber to export their products to any country in the world, without delving into the details of customs clearance and logistics. Our services can be used by:

Lumber producers, who export their products to other countries.
Private companies and individuals from all over the world, who are ready to buy lumber from abroad, and who need help in this matter.
Why is export lumber so popular?
Not every country has an excess of wood, which can be bought for construction work in large quantities. Therefore, lumber has to be ordered from abroad. Pine, spruce, aspen, oak, birch, ash-tree – these trees do not grow in every climate, but they are considered the most valuable in construction. They are ordered in China, in America, and even in African countries.

Our company is ready to organize the export and import of lumber from any country to all parts of the world. Our own logistics base and experience in working with customs services allows us to quickly and cost effectively deliver lumber from abroad directly to the customer’s construction site.

What kind of lumber do we export?
The most popular wood for export is pine, spruce, oak, beech, asp. But if you want to buy some special types of wood, please contact us. We have collected a database of leading lumber suppliers from all over the world, which allows you to quickly find the right amount of lumber in accordance with your wishes.

All lumber is supplied in the form of:

boards of various sizes, planed and non-planed;
profiled log/beams;
finished products (platbands, skirting boards, lining).
If you are interested in any non-standard products, please also contact us, we will try to help you, no matter what country you are in.

Terms of delivery of lumber
As a full-cycle company, we take care of all the concerns about the delivery of lumber to the customer in the right quantity. We control:

Availability of the required quantity of materials in the supplier’s warehouse.
Its high-quality drying.
Packaging of lumber for long-term transportation.
Marking of goods.
Preparation of transport and customs documents.
Loading and unloading at the warehouses of the supplier and the customer, as well as transshipment at customs.
Delivery of lumber by any means of transport (land, water, railway, and even air).
Compliance with the agreed terms of delivery of lumber to anywhere in the world.
Managers are always ready to consult you on the progress of delivery of ordered lumber. You don’t need to worry about the delivery and purchase details. Just confirm your agreement with the prices for lumber and transportation services, and we will take care of the rest ourselves.

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