Bulk in Flexitanks

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Transportation of vegetable oils in flexitanks

With the purpose of oil delivery by sea, in order to be confident of the purity of cargo holds of bulk carriers, we recommend to use flexitanks. Flexitank is the disposable flexible tank, which is placed in a sea container and filled with oil. The minimum volume of flexitanks is about 10 000 liters, but it is more profitable to transport the oil in the volume of 24,000 liters.

Type of the tank, its density and shape depends on the type of poured liquid. Special flexitanks of 24,000 liters are usually manufactured for transportation of vegetable oils. Therefore, we also deliver oil in flexitanks of such volume. Tanks of such volume can withstand the pressure of the oil on the whole route and will not tear.
We recommend using flexitanks certified for sea transportation. If you are transporting oil by railway transport, flexitank certification must be exclusively for railway transportation.

Advantages of the flexitanks for oil transportation

• The oil is sealed in a disposable flexitank that ensures its protection from external contamination during transportation. This is a more environmentally friendly way of transporting oil compared to the bulk carriers.
• You do not pay for the return shipment of container and its cleaning since flexitank is a disposable tank, which must be disposed of after use.
• Installation of the flexitank is inexpensive, therefore the final cost of the oil will be profitable for you.
• Compared to the transportation of oil in bottles or barrels, the flexitanks ensure minimal fluid loss during discharge. For one time one can carry more oil by 40-50% than when pouring in barrels and bottles.
• Unloading and loading of the oil in flexitank is faster by 2-3 times than in case of loading into the barrels or bottles. Usually the oil unloading from the flexitank with a volume of 22,000 liters takes about an hour!

If you order a delivery of vegetable oils by container with flexitank, we will take care both of its selection, purchase, installation in the container and disposal after unloading.
Write us and order a calculation of the cost of vegetable oils transportation using flexitanks from Ukraine to your country.