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Sunflower Oil Wholesale from Ukraine

Do you need to buy good quality sunflower oil wholesale for production or sale? Sunflower oil from Ukraine is the most natural and high-quality oil in Europe. Refined, crude, deodorized freezed out sunflower oil from WM company is direct purchases from manufacturers via experienced trader.

Types of sunflower oil for sale from WM

WM offers:
• Crude sunflower oil. It is produced as a result of pressing sunflower seeds without further processing. It has a pleasant smell and taste. Mainly used for further processing in the manufacture of food products.
• Non-refined sunflower oil. IT is made of crude oil after settling and filtration. Sometimes freezing is used to preserve transparency. Substantially all the vitamins and minerals are preserved, it is used for salads, eating in raw state. Non-refined sunflower oil is not recommended for frying (strong foaming, fumes, and may form harmful volatile compounds).
• Refined deodorized sunflower oil. It passes more steps of refining as compared to non-refined (cleaning by water, oxidation, and removal of the harmful contaminants by hot dry steam (deodorization)). Refined oil is intended for the preparation of fried, baked dishes, baking (doesn’t foam, does not fume).
• Refined deodorized freezed out sunflower oil. It passes the process of freezing out (cooling followed by removal of waxy compounds). Freezed out refined sunflower oil is the purest, light, almost odorless. It is used for the preparation of fried, stewed, baked dishes, baking (doesn’t foam, does not fume).

Delivery of sunflower oil and packaging

Any kind of sunflower oil can be delivered by us in package specified by you:
• in shiploads
• oil in flexitanks of 24000 L
• bottles of 1.3 liters or 5 liters, packed in containers
• rail cistern cars;
• road tank cars;

Sunflower oil: benefits, application

Sunflower oil is the most commonly used seed oil in the nutrition. It is relatively inexpensive, and therefore so popular in catering, in the production of mayonnaise, margarine, canned food, and in home use.
Sunflower oil is the “largest” supplier of unsaturated fatty acids which are not synthesized independently in the human body (contents of 15 to 60%). They are linoleic, oleic and linolenic acids. People can not normally grow, develop, be energetic and successful without them. These acids can not be replaced. Therefore, as food the sunflower oil is not just useful, but indispensable!
One can buy unrefined and refined sunflower oil wholesale from manufacturers with the delivery throughout the world in WM company. Leave your order in section «Contacts» and we will contact you during the day.