Soybean oil

Soybean oil wholesale from Ukraine

Do you need good quality soybean oil wholesale at a low price? Contact the oil trader of WM from Ukraine. The hydrated, refined, deodorized, non-refined soybean oil offered by us is the oil from producers without intermediaries. The optimal prices, fast shipping all over the world by any type of motor transport. We calculate the cost of the mentioned batch with delivery, insurance, and storage.

Types of soybean oil for sale from WM

WM offers:
Hydrated soybean oil. It is produced as a result of processing of the soybeans. It has amber color. It is used mainly only in cosmetics and chemical industry (manufacture of soap, eco-friendly detergents, plastics, dyes and synthetic oils). Refined soybean oil is used in the production of food stuffs.
Refined non-deodorized soybean oil. It is made of crude soybean oil by settling and filtration. It can be used as food in raw state, added in salads. Also it is suitable for the food industry.
Refined deodorized soybean oil. It is additionally purified by hot dry steam. Refined soybean oil is intended for the food industry (production of meat products, sweets, mayonnaise, pastries, bread, margarine, and soy by-products).

Delivery of soybean oil and packaging

We can pour soybean oil and deliver in the following ways:
• in shiploads
• oil in flexitanks of 22 t
• bottles of 1.3 liters or 5 liters, packed in containers
• rail cistern cars;
• road tank cars;
We will deliver by air, railway transport, automobiles, and sea vessels to any city of your country.

Soybean oil: benefit, application

Soybean oil is one of few oils rich in essential fatty acids. It contains up to 55% of linoleic acid, stearic, oleic, arachidic, and palmitic acids. The human body can not obtain these acids from sources other than vegetable oils and can not synthesize it by itself. Therefore, the soybean oil should be in menu at the same level with sunflower and olive oils. And the presence of lecithin allows its use in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
In addition to essential fatty acids, the soybean oil is a source of vitamin K, E, B4, zinc and iron. Oil is completely absorbed by the human body, and even inhibits the development of cancer cells due to presence of linoleic acid!
One can buy hydrated and refined soybean oil wholesale from trader of WM. Worldwide shipping, good prices, excellent quality.
Application for calculation of the soybean oil batch cost can be filed in the section «Contacts».