Rapeseed oil

Rapeseed oil in wholesale from Ukraine

Rapeseed oil wholesale in batches of 20 tones with delivery throughout the world from the company WM. Do you want to buy excellent rapeseed oil from Ukraine for use in the production of semi-finished products, baking, canning? Apply to the official trader. Only from us you can buy rapeseed oil without intermediaries, directly from the manufacturers, without the risk of failure of the transaction.
We control all stages of rapeseed oil production. Particular attention is drawn to its processing. Improper processing of rapeseed oil results in excretion of not all phospholipids, pigments and sulfur compounds. Therefore the control of this process is implemented on our own, with receipt of all the certificates of quality.
Rapeseed oil from WM meets international standards DSTU ISO 9001: 2009 and DSTU ISO 22000: 2007 ..

Types of rapeseed oil for sale from WM

WM offers:

• Refined rapeseed oil. Purification of rapeseed oil is a very laborious process, but it is necessary because the crude oil can not be eaten. Refined rapeseed oil is used in the production of soaps, fluids and lubricants. It is also often used in cosmetics due to its skin nourishing and moisturizing properties. Refined rapeseed oil is suitable for subsequent sterilization for manufacturing of oily solutions for injection in pharmacology. As food it is preferably to be used in raw state. It is not recommended for frying.
• Non-refine rapeseed oil (low contents of erucic acid)
The main beneficiaries of non-refined rapeseed oil are China and other Asian countries since the sale of non-refined rapeseed oil is prohibited, for example, in the EU. In crude form it has erucic acid, which is not excretes by the organism, accumulates and causes the disorder of the reproductive system, especially in children.
Recently, rapeseed oil is very popular as a raw material for diesel fuel.

Rapeseed oil delivery and packaging

We deliver rapeseed oil in containers specified by you:

• in shiploads
• oil in flexitanks of 22t
• bottles of 1.3 liters or 5 liters, packed in containers
• rail cistern cars;
• road tank cars;

Rapeseed oil: benefit, application

Rapeseed oil is extracted from rape seeds. Despite its low popularity among the population, the benefit of rapeseed oil is no less than that of olive. The properties of rapeseed oil are close to this popular food product, and could replace it. Especially considering, that the cost of rapeseed oil is much cheaper than olive.
Small quantity of rapeseed is rich in monounsaturated acids (primarily — oleic acid, Omega-3 and Omega-6). It does not oxidize for a long time and has a long shelf life. It has a nutty flavor and dark amber color.
Rapeseed oil is used both in the food industry when producing canned food, baking, and in the household for filling oils.
But, in addition to food products the diesel fuel, lubricants and detergents can be made of rapeseed oil.
One can buy rapeseed oil wholesale from manufacturers in Ukraine through the company WM. Minimum order is 20 tons. You can find out the cost of rapeseed oil and its delivery to your country by visiting the page «Contact» and leaving a message.