Feed meal wholesale from Ukraine

Do you breed cows, sheep, poultry or other animals? And you do not know where to buy feed for them? We offer the feed meal of sunflower, soy bean or rapeseed delivered with delivery from Ukraine to any country in the world! Batches from 20 tons.
Feed meal is a unique food additive and complete food for poultry and livestock. It is rich in proteins, therefore the animals consuming meal easily gain muscle mass. This increases the maturation terms of livestock and poultry for slaughtering and increases their milk yield (laying).

And the main thing: the meal is absolutely ecologically clean, natural product, without preservatives, chemicals and synthetic additives. Meal is a residual product after oil extraction, and therefore it can be eaten even by the people!

Types of feed meal for sale from WM

WM offers:
Sunflower meal. It is produced as a result of pressing and extraction of oil from sunflower seeds. Extremely rich in easily digestible proteins (up to 40%), fiber, vitamins B, E, phosphorus, potassium, aminoacid, and methionine. These substances allow the animals to increase quickly muscle mass and gain weight. Irreplaceable feed additive for livestock and poultry. Contains less oil than sunflower cake by 8-10%, and therefore it is more valuable feed.
Soy bean meal. This is residual product of pressed soybeans. As well as sunflower, the soybean meal is the most powerful source of protein for animals. When using soybean meal in feeding cows and goat the milk yields increase by 1.5-2 times! Protein of soybean meal is similar in composition to the animal protein, and therefore it is easily digested by them. Delivery of soybean meal to Europe is much cheaper from Ukraine than Argentina or Brazil.
Rapeseed meal (canola meal). It contains slightly less protein compared with sunflower and soybean meal (35%), and therefore it is less popular as a feed additive for livestock and poultry. More often it is used in its pure form in pig-breeding farms and as part of the feed for other animals.

Depending on the treatment, the meal it offered in two types — granulated and non-granulated.
Feed non-granulated meal is a homogeneous free running mass of pale yellow color with a typical odor.
Feed granulated meal is produced in the form of yellow granules of cylindrical shape. The diameter of the granules is 6,0-20,0mm, length — from 10,0 to 26,0mm.

Delivery of feed meal and packaging

We can deliver any kind of meal in the packages specified by you:
• in shipping containers
• in shiploads.
• in carloads

Feed meal: benefit, application

As we mentioned before, the sunflower, soybean or rapeseed feed meal is an indispensable food for cattle, sheep and goats, poultry and pigs. It is given to animals in pure form, and as a part of feed (by mixing meals).
The high content of fiber and protein allows animals to increase quickly the weight and size. In dairy cows the milk becomes fatter, nutritious, and the milk yields are increased by 1.5-2 times.
The benefit meal in poultry nutrition is of particular note. In case of feeding by meal the chickens, ducks grow faster, lay eggs more often, but eat less! This means that the net cost of poultry can be substantially reduced.
One can buy sunflower, soy bean or rapeseed meal wholesale from producers with delivery throughout the world from WM trader. Write us how much meal and where you need to deliver, and we will calculate the cost of the meal with all the additional costs.