High-grade wheat flour from Ukraine

Do you want to buy high-grade wheat flour wholesale from grain trader with delivery to your country? Take advantage of the services of WM — Ukrainian exporter of flour and seed oils.
We purchase products only from trusted manufacturers. We completely control the entire process of wheat cultivation and processing of grain into the flour. For our customers we select the batches of highest quality flour. Our flour is used in the best restaurants, bakeries and pastry shops in Europe with a great relish.
All the goods have certificates of quality and are manufactured under the world standards DSTU ISO 9001: 2009 and DSTU ISO 22000: 2007.

Advantages of wheat flour purchase from WM

We offer to buy wheat flour wholesale to those who wants to cook delicious gourmet bread, pastries, cakes and other confectioneries. It is our meal will suit you the most, because we:
• buy the flour directly from the manufacturer, which makes its cost for you incredibly profitable.
• check the quality of the flour at all stages of the procurement, preparation for shipment, delivery and shipment.
• take care of preparation of all necessary documents and certificates; settle the issues with the customs.
• take charge upon the complex delivery of flour from the manufacturer to your warehouse.
• work only with trusted and honest manufacturers for over 10 years.

Delivery and package of high-grade wheat flour

High-grade wheat flour is delivered in packaging specified by you:
• in sea containers
• in shiploads
• in carloads;

Wheat flour: benefits, application

Flour is the principal constituent product which is essential for the preparation of basic human food: bread, pasta, pancakes, pastries, dumplings, and meat semi-finished products.
Wheat flour contains gluten, whereby the dough is elastic, and the meals made of flour do not fragment during cooking. But thanks to high-grade flour the products are crumbly and lush. The wheat flour is rich in vitamins B, PP, copper and potassium.
Ukraine is considered as the best exporter of high quality wheat flour in the world. A company WM is one of the major traders on the world market of grain and flour from Ukraine. Please contact us if you need to buy wheat flour wholesale from 20 tons.