Container transportation

Carriage in sea containers – Container transportation

Transportation of oil or flour in sea containers is a popular service in our company. Our customers are the countries of the Middle East, Europe, and even America. So often we have to deliver the goods by sea or ocean. And container sea transportations are the most reliable.

Specifics of cargo transportation in sea containers

The containers can transport not only the piece goods, but also bulk articles. The seed oil is typically transported in a package with a volume of 1.3 liter or 5 liters, or flexitanks set in the containers.
There are many shipping companies in the world, and we cooperate with the majority of them. Therefore, for each purchaser we offer individual selection of the transportation parameters: shipping companies, ships, and routes. This approach allows to optimize the cost and terms of goods delivery and to make them more loyal for the customer.

Advantages of the sea container transportation

If one need to transport a large batch of cargo to another country, if the buyer and supplier are divided by the sea or the ocean, the sea container shipping is more reliable than air. The port has established system of goods acceptance, shipping and customs storage, whereas there may be problems in case of air carriages. Because of them, the delivery may be delayed, and it is detrimental for the foodstuffs.
In addition, the sea carriages enable to decrease the net cost of a kilogram of flour, meal or a liter of seed oil by 10-15%, as compared to the air carriages.
Registration of sea transportation is much faster than air.

Services of complex transportation of flour, oil in sea containers

WM company takes care of all the issues on the transportation of oil or flour in the sea containers:
• Delivery of goods from the producer to the port warehouse.
• Solving the customs issues and obtaining permits for transportation (customs registration, customs clearance, cargo insurance, certification, storage, analysis of the quality of goods, etc.).
• Cargo loading in containers.
• Unloading of goods and delivery of goods to the customer’s door.
At any moment you will be able to know all the information about the location of the container with your cargo, condition of its and whether everything is proceeding according to schedule. You can dictate your terms of delivery: from port to port, door to door, door to port of the recipient, etc. Calculation of the cost of sea vessel freight and delivery of seed oil, flour, and meal is made according to your requirements.