Bulk shipment

Transportation in bulk, in tanks– bulk carrier fleet

In order to reduce the cost of flour or seed oil transportation one should not pack the goods in barrels or bags but carry them by sea in bulk or in tanks by means of specialized vessels – by bulk carriers for bulk cargo and tankers for liquid cargo.

Seed oil transportation in tanks by tankers

In case of seed oil delivery by sea we use the services of proven carriers, which have in their fleet the tankers designed specifically for the transportation of seed edible oils. They are not used for the carriage of chemical liquids or oil products! Delivery of seed oils by such sea tankers is the cheapest type of cargo transportation over long distances.

Flour, protein meal transportation in bulk by bulk carrier fleet

The easiest method of flour or protein meal transportation is carriage in bulk by the bulk carriers. The bulk product is simply poured into the hold and unloaded from it. Holds are fully sealed, therefore the goods are not spoiled and do not get wet in the course of transportation.
By means of bulk carriers we can deliver any quantity of flour or protein meal anywhere in the world.

Specifics of foodstuff transportation by the bulk carrier fleet

Often the bulk carriers are used to transport coal, sand or other bulk cargo. After such goods the holds are not always cleaned, so their use for subsequent transportation of food products is impossible.
The special, «flour» bulk carriers are used for transportation of flour or protein meal in bulk. They are intended solely for the transportation of foodstuff in bulk. We cooperate exclusively with bona fide carriers which do not use their bulk carriers for purposes other than transportation of flour or protein meal.
The same is the case for carriage of seed oil in tanks. Special bulk tank carriers adapted to oil discharge transport only seed oils and are not used for the transportation of milk and other food products and especially chemical liquids.
If you are particularly concerned about the purity of seed oil transported in bulk, the flexitanks exist for you. For more information see the Flexitank links