Our benefits


Control of each stage of the transaction

We control the whole process of sale and delivery of grain or oil from our country to your: • selection...
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Direct supply of goods from manufacturers

We do not work with intermediaries! Only direct deliveries from farmers and manufacturers. You will not overpay for the services...
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Compliance with products quality standards

We control the quality of raw materials and finished products at all stages of production. Seed oil, flour, and meal...
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Experience since 2005

Our employees are engaged in the export of seed oils, flour and meal since 2005. We know how to deliver...
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Selection of packaging and containers for seed oil, flour, and meal

For each customer we select the type and volume of the package that suits him: tanks, barrels, boxes, containers, bags,...
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Logistics and insurance of the products

We take personal charge of goods delivery to any corner of the world. We deliver by water, land transport, implement...
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